Make Journal Entries in Excel

This project will demonstrate a simple application that allows a user to create and post a journal entry into Spire. This is far from being a complete application. It is to demonstrate proof of concept and how the API can be used and how to go about doing it. It should be considered more of a tutorial on the API and less so of good Excel practices. I am NOT an Excel expert.

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of using the Spire API is that it is impossible to make invalid entries into the system. In this case, this is for the best, as there is an almost criminal lack of validation and error handling in this demo app.

First step is to configure the application with your server and user information in the “CompanyInfo” tab.

Next you will want to load in the GL chart-of-accounts from your company. Go to the PostTrans tab and click Refresh Accounts.

The accounts list is loaded into the sheet GLAccounts, this becomes the source data for the drop down list to select accounts.

Journal entries are entered by selecting an account from the drop down list. Enter a memo, and a debit or credit and click Add Line. The entry gets added to the blue section for posting.

The blue rows can be further edited, or individual rows deleted.

When the journal entry is complete, click Post.

On the right hand side you can see some information used by the API.

  • The last transaction number posted.
  • The last result from that API call.
  • The JSON string that was constructed and submitted to the API

You can download the Excel file here.